AWT 5710 Well resistant to impact. Thik build up deposits can be matchined. Useful for cushioning layer prior to hard abrasion resistant layer. Sprokets idlers, track rollers, pinions geart wheels couplings, pulleys concrete mixer etc. Hardness- 28-35 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5711 Chromium Electrodes with excellent welding characteristics economical for maaking hard overlays. Deposite is hard tough and free from porosity. Conveyer screws, cutting and forming tools sheer blades crusher hammers conveyor bukets Plough shovels, cultivators mixers etc. Tensile strength- 102 kgf/mm2 Hardness- 56-58 HRC 3.15mm,4mm,5mm.
AWT 5712 Newly developed low temp, iron carbide type air hardening hard surfacing Electrodes. Excellent for hard surfacing new and worm out steels stainless steels cast iron and alloy steel parts subject to moderate impact and high abrasion. Bucket side walls, drag chain sprockets, idlers scrappers tie tamping tools etc. Hardness(as deposited)- 50-55 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm,
AWT 5713 Low heat high alloy rapid work hardening austenitic Electrodes. Cushioning and overlaying of low medium carbon low ally medium & high manganese steels. Deposite has extreme toughness. withstands high impact working conditions Crusher roller and jaws crusher matles blow bars bucketlip areas railway points and crossings excavator teeth shovel track pads linear etc. Hardness- 22-25 HRC(as welded) Hardness- 45-50 HRC(as hardened) 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5715 Superior wear resist Chrome-Moly-vanadium alloy Electrodes. Excellent for high abration resistant and moderate impact application. Extremly low hydrogen type to eliminate under bead cracks. Deposite are non machinable but can be finished by granding. Hot and cold punching dies, chipper knives, tie tamping tools drills coal crusher hammer etc. Hardness- 57-60 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm
AWT 5720 Low temp Chromium-Iron type air hardening hard surfacing Electrodes. Excellent for abration resistant over-lays on carbon steels, stainless steel cast Iron. Exceptional deposition efficiency and wear resistant properties. Hammer coal bends discharge valves coal nozzels burner pipes buket teeth grisly bars anvils. screw conveyors fan blades etc. Hardness- 58-62 HRC 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5738-S Specially developed high recovery complex carbide electyrode for sugar industries. Deposite are tough. Excellent weldability and firm grip good resistance to abration impact snd corrosion . Cast Iron and cast steel sugar mill crusher rollers, reconditioning of sugar rollers. Hardness- 59-61 HRC 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5743 An exceleent Chromium carbide type low heat input high alloy electorde. Excellent combination of toughness and hardness while using on carbon steels low alloy steels stainless steel, manages and coat iron, deposite retain its hardness at elevated temperature up to 850 C without oxidation. Coal burner pipes buckets mincer hammers dozer blades end bits grouser shoes wear plates cane cutting knives fibrizer hammers. Hardness- 60-62 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5743-S High recovery Chrome-Moly Niobium complex Electrodes. Excellent oxidation and abrasion resistance on carbon steels cast iron and stainless steel. Deposite contain very high percentage of primary and secondary carbide to withstand very high temperatur and abrasion. Recommended for Ni-Hard welding. Drag chain link slurry pumps slag conveyors coke pusher shoes clinker grinders clinker conveyors coal feed pipe, wear tips ash handling pipes, sinter breaker arms etc. Hardness- 58-61 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5700-S High hard high recovery tungsten carbide tubular Electrodes. Provide unlimited resistance against abrasion and friction. Alloy exhibits secondary Carbides of Niobium Chromium Vandium and Molybdenum for exceptional wear resistance to heat and corrosion. Dozer end bits, augers scrapers, tongs, fly ash conveyors cutters and knives. Hardness- 62 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT Forging 5701 Low heat high alloy wear resistant Electrodes. Specialy developed for the building up of cutting edges of trimming dies in forging industries. Deposite hase high toughness and wear resistancy. Retain hardness at elevated working temptrature easily machinable with cemented carbide tip tool. Repairs of hot working punches, shear blades cutting edges of stamping dies, triming dies forging saddles and hot cutting dies. Hardness- 42-46 HRC(as deposited) hardness-50-52 HRC(work hardened) 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT Forging 5702 Low heat high alloy wear resistant Electrodes. Exclusively developed for the building up of hot forging dies. Deposite has high toughness and crack resistancy. Withstands very high impact. Building up of drop foreging dies and tools. Building up of pinions and gear teeth. Tensile strength 58kgf/mm2 Hardness- 38-42 HRC 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
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