AWT 5100 Low heat high input welding electrode. Weld bead is flat,uniform. Exellenct weldability. No need of special skill is required. All tye of repair work on tank,Piping, Auto parts,sheet meatal work. Tank piping. Tensile strength- 40-50 kgf/mm2 Elongation- 24% 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5103 Specially designed low heat input electrode. Contact welding in all position with exceptional deposite finsh and slag removal. Sheet metal, pipe lines,ducting, tanks, doors, automobiles bodies, windows, grills etc. Tensile strength-40-50 kgh/mm2 Elongation-22% Min. 2.50mm,3.15mm,4mm,5mm.
AWT 5104 Hydrogen controlled high tensile ,high recovery basic coated electrode. joins low carbon and low alloy steels and steels with impuritiwes like sulpher and phosphorous. Designed for X ray quality weld. Deposits are free from hydrogen include embrittlements with good ductility and impact resistance. Automotive frames pressure vassals, high pressure pipelines heavey structures, crane booms, buket doors etc. Tensile strength-55-60 kgf/mm2 Elongation-30% 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm,
AWT 5124 (308L) Low heat input ss austenitic electrode. Extra low carbon for welding AISI 301,302, and 308L stainless steel. Minum carbide preciption. All stainless steel welding in food, chemical, industries, sugar industries, dairy equipments etc. Tensile strength-53-58 kgf/mm2 Elongation-30% 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5125 (316L) Low heat input ss austenitic electrode. For all position welding of AISI 316, 316L 317 AND 318 stainless steel. Deposits have excellent resistance to inter granular corrosion and cavitations. All stainless steel welding and repair work in chemical industries, fertizer, paper and foods industries like pulp digester, urea reformer etc. Tensile strength- 53-58 kgf/mm2 Elongation- 30% to 35% 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5126 (310) Versatile low heat input SS austinitic electrode. Welding of AISI 309 AND 310 Stainless steel. Join unkmown and dissimilar stainless steel and stainless steel to mild steel. Deposite are smooth and dense. Maintains strength at temp 1000 deg.c Heat exchange, heat treatment boxes, heating elements, furnace plates kiln cooler plates, reactor vessels, tip casting bloks, burner tips pipes etc. Tensile strength- 65 kgf/mm2 Elongation- 35% 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
AWT 5128 Highly alloyed low heat input S.S versatile electrode suitable for welding of special steels like carpenter 20 HVG, HT 30, RK 65, Sandvik 2 etc. High resistance to corrosion at reducing atmosphere upto 1350 deg. c. Joins steel to stainless steel and mild steel. All stainless steel welding and repairing of parts subject to cryogenic condition in cement plant, like jaw crushes, hammers, blow, bars, mineral process industries, sugar industries, sugar mill roller journals subjected to fraction and corrosion, and in dairy and food industries. Tensile strength- 66 kgf/mm2 Elongation- 30% Min. 3.15mm, 4mm, 5mm
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